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Kultasuun liturgia (kuilulle)
(Liturgy of the Golden Mouth (for abyss), Lauri Luhta, 2016)

This is a live performance of the digital-electronic tone poem Kultasuun liturgia (Liturgy of the Golden Mouth), a piece that was performed on a few occasions 2015–2016. The music depicts a godless humankind willingly wandering lost in space, its only solace in the interstellar darkness being the awareness of the minutest of aesthetic nuances and erotic touches before it is sucked into the endless void. This version of the composition was made spefically for the festival Abyss and performed at Lyhytaaltoasema, Pori, on Friday 20 May 2016. The accompanying visuals made by Jenni Luhta sing the brutality of the cosmos and the nihilism of black holes.