Jenni & Lauri Luhta
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(Help Me , Jenni Luhta, 2018)

The short animation Auttakaa (Help me) was originally made for a local suburbian short film competition Pihlis Goes Movies in April, 2018. It was later featured at the annual exhibition Young Artists at Helsinki Kunsthalle, 2019. The video is about the decline, illness and helplessness of Finland's President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen (1900–1986) and the passing of his political legacy, a process that began right after his death, culminating in the total, final Westernization of Finland by the present time. The work is set both in the 1980s and the time of its making, in Kekkonen's sleep of death, in a nightmaris, misty, "post-deregulation" landscape.