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Efter människan
(After Man, 2020)

Efter människan (After Man, 2021) is one complete scene from Syndafloden (The Deluge, 2021) made into a separate short film. Like the whole Syndaloden film, Efter människan is based on prophecies and riddles in Leonardo da Vinci's (1452–1517) work diaries. Inspired by those visions from 500 years ago, Efter människan shows a picture of the kind future in which the body and its sacredness has been eradicated in favour of a landscape where drones and mammoths will replace humanity. Tragedy and jubilation ensues under the smoke and flames of the burning Notre Dame of Paris.

Directed by
Jenni & Lauri Luhta

Written by
Jenni Luhta

Jenni Luhta as Death
Lauri Luhta as Follower

Produced by
Lauri Luhta

Filmed, animated and edited by
Jenni Luhta

Researched by
Lauri Luhta

Leonardo’s original writings translated into Swedish by
Magnus Strandberg

Date of release
August 2021